We all have those “difficult to shop for” people in our lives, it may be that they have everything, they don’t use anything or are just plain difficult. There is always something to offer everyone when it comes to their health, either staying healthy or becoming healthier.
Good skin cancer prevention and the best anti-aging solution all year round is your sunscreen to all exposed skin and your sun protective clothing. It’s easy to become complacent while your not as active outdoors, but the UV rays doesn’t pause in the fall and winter season.

My Story: Jennifer Long

My Story: Jennifer Long

The idea of being a tan California girl came to a screeching halt when I got a rude awaking January of last year. I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer. I had noticed a freckle on my right arm that seemed a little bigger (about the size of the top of a pencil eraser), a little darker and slightly misshapen.

 Not only has Marina been at the forefront of laser technology, she also founded the stylish skin protection clothing line, SPF Addict. Here’s what she had to say about loving the skin you’re in.
Understanding how your daily wear for uv-protection is important, if your looking for good coverage from the sun. Yes you are getting some protection but now nearly what you need if you are concerned with sun damage, skin cancer, photosensitivity and premature aging.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Those moles or spots that you've had forever or those new spots that suddenly popped up, areas of the body where the sun doesn't shine are worth a good evaluation.
It could save your life! PROTECT and PREVENT the largest organ of your body.