Changing Skincare With Changing Seasons

You may wonder why your skin care products don’t look or feel the same on your skin. You may experience dryness, or oily skin different times of the year.

Just like you change your hair products, you will need to change out your skin care products from time to time or perhaps alternate them as your skin let’s you know its time.

Stay in tune with your skin’s need you will be pleasantly surprised what a difference this makes. Your glow will remain with you all year round.

One product to stay consistent with, is your sunscreen. You may need to change the consistency during dry season versus those “breakout” times. However, please remember to use this everyday all year round!

Sunscreen is not just for the sun, but for those cloudy rainy days when the sun doesn’t shine. Protect your skin now and it will shine for the rest of your life!