My Melanoma by Karen Berger Farley

About 10 years ago, I asked my doctor to check a mole that didn’t seem right to me. He glanced at it, and dismissed it as nothing. He seemed to be treating me like a hypochondriac female. I just didn’t feel right about the diagnosis, or lack thereof. Fortunately, I happened to be dating a physician’s assistant at the time, so I asked him to look at it. He told me to have it removed and biopsied right away. I went back to my doctor and demanded he do that. I listened to his apology shortly thereafter over the phone, as he gave me my new, more accurate diagnosis, Melanoma, Clark’s level 2. I fired that doctor after the surgery, and started trusting myself more when it came to my health concerns. I now have my moles checked twice a year, not just the once a year my insurance recommends, and I make them remove anything that I don’t feel right about. It’s paid off too. I’ve had Basal Cell Carcinomas, as well as Squamous Cell ones, and some in places that never saw the sun. I know the years of basking in the sun caused some of them, but others were just random, unexplainable occurrences. So two lessons here:

1. Take charge of your own health- trust your own instincts.
2. Stay out of the sun! It can literally save your life…