Top Anti-Aging Tips from a Skincare Professional

Marina Arnold R.N. has been the leading laser skincare specialist of Southern California, having spent over a decade treating patients at Newport Heights Medical Center alongside the prominent plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow and board-certified dermatologists. Not only has Marina been at the forefront of laser technology, she also founded the stylish skin protection clothing line, SPF Addict. Here’s what she had to say about loving the skin you’re in.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Never ever leave your house without sunscreen! That is the least expensive, and most wonderful anti-aging cream you could possibly use. Rain or shine, you should use at least an SPF 30 every single day. Broad Spectrum means you are protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. My favorite sunscreen is by MD Solar Sciences. It’s light and smooth, unlike some of the sticky, pore-clogging sunscreens out there.

Wear a Hat in the Sun

A large hat with at least a 3-inch brim will protect your face from harmful sun damage, including dark spots, wrinkles, and the risk of melanoma.

Polarized Sunglasses

You want to protect your eyes, not only from getting crow’s feet, but also from melanoma and cataracts.

Wash Your Face Every Night

Cleanse your skin of all the dead cells and free radicals you picked up during the day, as well as makeup, sunscreen, and oils. This is very important for preserving your skin.

Sleep on Your Back

Believe it or not your pillow can cause wrinkles. You want to avoid spending hours with your face against a pillow night after night. Also, I recommend a satin pillow.

Avoid Tanning

Tanning is the worst thing you could possibly do to your skin whether its your face or your body. Tanning is the quickest way to age your skin. If you want to avoid the risk of skin cancer, avoid sunbathing and tanning beds. Instead use a self-tanning cream if you want to achieve the tan look.

Beware of Medication that Makes You Photosensitive

The combination of certain chemicals and sun can make your skin extra sensitive to burning and photoaging. Be sure to ask your doctor if certain drugs will have this effect.

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