UPF apparel no longer looks like hiking gear!

Understanding how your daily wear for uv-protection is important, if your looking for good coverage from the sun. Yes you are getting some protection but now nearly what you need if you are concerned with sun damage, skin cancer, photosensitivity and premature aging.

Your average white T-Shirt may have a UPF ( ultraviolet protective factor) of 5 depending on how tight the weave is, it may go up to 10 with a heavier tighter weave. Which now means you will have a warmer heavier fabric to wear, on a hot day this will be unfavorable. With either high tech fibers or a fiber with its own natural ability to protect you, you won't have the UPF desired.

The only true way to know is when the clothing you purchased has a tag that reads the UPF factor which has been tested by a professional textile independent laboratory.

These fibers can now create a softer, cooler feel on your skin making it comfortable on any day without sacrifycing your personal style.

No chemicals are needed to achieve a UPF rating of 50+ which protects 98% from the sun's exposure. Thus, will not wash out while the fabric is intact.
Allowing you to enjoy the sun. Sunscreen is always needed where skin is exposed.