Most of the sun protection clothes that I find are for hiking and I’m not crazy about the style of them. The SPF Addict wrap was nice because it was stylish and has natural sun protection. Not only is it really cute and comfortable, it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold. But what I really like about the wrap is that it has sun protection of UPF 50+. 
RAIN OR SHINE sun protection continues. If skin cancer is not on your mind then accelerated aging should be! Our range of sun protective clothing with UPF50+ factor is your best option.
Sunscreen is not just for the sun, but for those cloudy rainy days when the sun doesn’t shine. Protect your skin now and it will shine for the rest of your life!
SPF Addict‘s sun protection clothing is super comfortable, fashionable, and available in men’s and women’s styles including cute shirt dresses, tees, scarves, jackets, and even pants. My personal favorites are the long sleeved tops, since they fit seamlessly with my usual casual chic weekend look and cover my chest and arms.
The first question I get when people see SPF Addict sun protective clothing is “I...
If your confused about layering your sunscreen, you are not alone.  Using more then one...