SPF Addict® uses fabric developed with cutting edge technology utilizing organic green fibers that carry a high level of sun protection factors. These fabrics are among the first of their kind to be manufactured in the U.S.A.

Meticulous fabric development has taken years of research in order to create the highest quality of sun protection.

TENCEL SUN® is made of eucalyptus wood. The production process of TENCEL SUN® was designed with the environment in mind by using the revolutionary lyocell technology. Optimum moisture management supports natural bacteriostatic properties without the need for chemical additives. TENCEL SUN® is the purest cellulosic fiber and is the ideal fiber for sensitive skin. TENCEL SUN® is fully biodegradable.

It is with this in mind SPF Addict® offers you optimum sun protection of 50+ with the highest degree of quality.

Our goal is that your skin is well protected while in the sun with soft breathable light weight fabric, yet looking stylish every day. That not even your friends will know you are wearing sun protective clothing.